Accommodation Near St Mary's Medieval Mile Museum, Kilkenny

Location: St Mary's Museum is located just a 3 minute walk from Hibernian House.
Set in the 13th century, St Mary's church and graveyard we tell the stories of Kilkenny's powerful patrons and inspired creators through the monuments and artefacts they left behind. The Museums interior has been renovated to preserve the building's original atmosphere. The stories told reveal the historic and contemporary importance of Kilkenny. The visitor route in the museum is designed to be a free flowing journey for visitors who are encouraged to explore at their own pace. There is a mix of hands on experiences and digital media encouraging visitors to linger as people and periods from history come to life providing a religious and Medieval History experience that many visitors have not seen before. Displays range from civic treasures like the city's sword, mace and 'Liber primus Kilkenniensis' (a record book dating from 1231), to replicas of the High Crosses of Ossory, and some stunning medieval sculptures and Renaissance tombs.
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